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You will experience the finest in Big Game Hunting and Sport-Fishing that Alaska has to offer. From the Salmon rich streams of southeast Alaska’s majestic rain forests to the mighty Yukon River Valley, our 25 years of experience ensures an Alaskan adventure of a lifetime.

We are dedicated to the Alaska bound adventure traveller and have successfully guided our clients to the most productive big game rich areas of the state.

Wilderness Enterprises offers unparalleled personal service and we dedicate our business to the success and enjoyment of your big game or sport-fishing trip.

Joe and Victoria Letarte came to Alaska in 1979 and have been involved in the Big Game Hunting industry since that time. Joe has a Master Guide license with experience spanning from the Brooks Range to the Alaska Range, and from the Aleutians to most of Southeast Alaska. With knowledge of hunting in such a vast area, it has enabled Joe to select the best game rich areas in the state to conduct their business. Currently, hunts are conducted in three geographically different locations, the Alaska Range, the Yukon River Valley and the Tongass National Forest.

In the Alaska Range, the focus is on Dall Sheep, Moose, Interior Grizzly, Caribou, Wolf, and Wolverine. This area in the heart of the majestic Alaska Range features broad valleys, sprawling glaciers and abundant game populations that offer quality trophies in an unspoiled wilderness setting.

In the Tongass National Forest, our operations are based out of Yakutat. This is one of the most game rich areas in the world, hosting large populations of Brown Bears, Black Bears, Mountain Goat and the largest Salmon runs found in Alaska. This coastal wilderness of old growth Sitka Spruce in the forelands gives way to the Glacier strewn valleys of the Brabazon Mountains, then rises up toward the majestic St. Elias Range. This mystical wilderness is home to a rare color phase of the Black Bear known as the Glacier Bear only to be found in this area.

Our third area of operation is in the Yukon River Valley. This particular area is one of the most remote wilderness areas left on earth. Our concession of 4.3 million acres is one of the largest Black Bear concessions in the world. This wetland is ideal habitat for Black Bear and hosts the largest population of Black Bear found in North America. The cinnamon color phase is quite abundant in this area also, so along with the large number of Black Bear, this allows for a bag limit of three bears per hunter. A good population of Interior Grizzlies also hold claim to this

remote wilderness area.

Joe and Andrea Letarte

Alaska Wilderness Enterprises was founded in 1982 by Alaska Master Guide, Joe Letarte, (who also holds a state of Arizona Registered Guide license) and his wife and business partner Victoria Letarte (who, as an Alaska Assistant Guide, guided many hunters to their game). Through their extensive experience over 35 years in the Brooks Range, the Alaska Range, the jungles of South East Alaska and the Aleutian Islands, they have obtained highly viable hunting concessions in the Alaska Range, Yakutat and the Yukon River Valley where they operate their big game hunting and sports fishing business.The Yukon River Valley is host to the largest Black and Grizzly Bear concessions in the world. With 4.3 million acres of vast wilderness as their exclusive guiding concession, Joe’s vast professional hunting experience and his Wilderness EMT training qualify him as outdoor survival expert and make him one of the most highly sought after guides in North America. He has also hunted extensively around the world taking game from three different continents.

Joe and Victoria are dedicated to living the Alaskan lifestyle, fully dependent on hunting, fishing, and trapping as a way of life. Upon there arrival over 35 years ago, they homesteaded 40 acres and built an off-grid log cabin home using only hand tools. Joe spends over 200 days a year guiding and scouting for game to ensure clients are able to have the best experience possible. They have guided hundreds of hunters and anglers on safe and successful hunting and fishing trips as well as thousands of rafters and scenic float clients down the many rivers they guide on.

Joe is an accomplished seminar speaker on subjects such as Dall Sheep, Moose, Brown and Grizzly Bear hunting. He is the past president of the ATA and a past board member of the Citizens Advisory Committee for the State Parks in Alaska. Joe has also been featured as a TV personality in a number of hunting shows about Alaska. Joe and Victoria have raised over $200,000 for wildlife conservation and charities through donations of their services.

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Joe and Andrea Letarte