Barlow's Charters and Guide Services

Barlow's Charters and Guide Services specializes in light tackle inshore, near coastal, and red snapper guided fishing trips as well as open water Duck hunts!

Enjoy a relaxing day fishing on the water in Biloxi, MS. Hunt Ducks on the Mississippi Sound. Enjoy the beautiful view that the Mississippi Gulf Coast has to offer.

Call us now to book a fishing or hunting trip, or to simply relax on a sunset cruise.

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Chris B

USCG 25 Ton Master's Near Coastal license

20+ years fishing experience in local waters

First Aid and CPR Certified


My Promise to Clients:

To hold safety to the upmost degree

To arrive on time

That the vessel and equipment are well maintained, clean, and clutter free

To do everything within my control and ability to put you on fish

To properly ice, process, and package your catch

Most importantly, I will try to accommodate any needs you may have to insure you have a relaxing and enjoyable day on the water

A little about me:

I have always had a passion and love for the water. From an early age I enjoyed to fish. My father, Richard Barlow, had a 15' Mitchell tri-hull boat and would take my brother, cousins, and I fishing and skiing a lot during the summers when we were out of school. My grandpa, James Reece, had a house on the Tchoutacabouffa river when I was a child. The whole family learned to swim and ski out there. I also learned how to make and run trot-lines for catfish and catch bream and popeye mullet using nothing more than a cane pole and a piece of dough. I would catch bass from the docks during the day and at night I would watch my grandpa throw his chain bottomed cast net for shrimp. Anytime I was heading over there I was surely bringing a rod and fishing for something.

 I am also a decedent of the Gautier family. Famous for putting the city of Gautier, Mississippi on the map due to the railroad stop for the family ran sawmill. My ancestors built their homesteads right on the edge of the Mississippi sound and West Pascagoula river. Much out of necessity, they were regarded as some of the best fisherman and hunters of the area.

When I was old enough to drive, my fishing desire grew. With the use of my father's boats, I now had the freedom to go on all sorts of fishing adventures. As I have aged I have continued seeking nautical adventures. From inshore to offshore and out to blue water, I want to experience it all. To this day my desire for fishing, adventure, and continuing growth of knowledge continues to flourish. I am always thinking to myself "What local species have I not caught and when and where do I need to be to catch it?"

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Chris  B