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Fat Racks was started in 2013 by 4 friends who wanted to provide an affordable, good quality, fair chase hunt for big deer. With 6 seasons under our belt now, improvements are being made weekly, and more bigger bucks are harvested each year. In Iowa last season we were able to give our hunters about a 90% shot opportunity at a 140'' mature buck or bigger. We hope to keep this up for next season as well!

Everyone involved with our Outfit has many years experience in providing a quality guided hunt. Located in Southern Iowa, and northern Missouri. We strictly manage over 5,000 acres of mature buck property. Our property already consists of established food plots and many great stand locations. Honestly we have more shooter bucks then we have hunters to shoot them. (Not a bad problem to have).

To ensure that our property has minimal hunting pressure, we will only be taking a limited number of hunters each season. To be sure we have optimal results, we prefer to leave our land vacant until the week of Halloween, when the rut begins. We feel that this will provide our clients with an action packed hunt of a lifetime!!

We at Fat Racks Outfitters have a 140'' minimum, or a mature buck rule. With a $1000 trophy fee (don't like to call it a fine) for an immature buck that gross scores less than 140''. We consider a 4 1/2 year old buck mature.

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