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Goose Hunting, Stuttgart AR

At Heavy Shot Guide Service we aren't just another guide service trying to goose hunt. We know the sport and we’ve got the talent! We've spent countless hours studying these giant birds, learning their patterns, following their paths and speaking their language. Jabber Hodges, owner of Heavy Shot Guide Service, will amaze you with his goose calling skills. He is 100%, without a doubt, the best you will find at bringing these massive birds in. Call and book your hunt today and prepare to be amazed as Jabber puts the speckled belly geese right at your feet.

The Heavy Shot Difference

We offer an ideal environment to introduce the young people in your family or group to the fine traditions and values of hunting. We love helping both new and experienced waterfowl hunters grow and develop their skills and knowledge for the sport. Safe, courteous and respectful hunting practices are just a few of the reasons our guests continue to come back year after year.

About Our Team

At Heavy Shot Guide Service, we understand the value of your dollars and strive to exceed your hunting expectations. Have special needs? Let us know and we will do everything in our power to accommodate those needs. Thinking of bringing young ones along? Absolutely! Please do! Heavy Shot Guide Service has a deep respect for wildlife and will always value the hunting traditions.

Jabber H

Jabber Hodges, owner and head guide at Heavy Shot Guide Service has been professionally guiding for over half his life. To say he has a passion for the sport is an understatement. Jabber grew up hanging out and watching the older ones prepare for their hunts and dreamed of one day doing exactly as they did. At the age of eighteen he knew he was ready and jumped when given the opportunity and has never looked back. Jabber has and always will put everything he’s got and more into those 60 days and guarantees you a hunt you’ll never forget.

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Jabber H