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If you want to catch fish, learn how to fish, or learn a new technique, learn from a pro. Ray Tomasits has fished all of over the country, both recreationally and competitively, and has learned how to catch bass in every type of water that Texas has to offer. As a full-time bass fishing guide in Austin, Texas, he is constantly in touch with where the fish are and how to catch them. Ray also provides customized lessons on how to interpret and use marine electronics for offshore structure fishing and boat lessons. His boat is a fully rigged Skeeter tournament bass boat that can comfortably fish 3 anglers.

The Texas Hill Country offers some of the best bass fishing in the country to the local or visiting outdoorsman. As a full-time professional bass fishing guide, Ray will guide you on the lake that is fishing the best in the Austin area to ensure you have the bass fishing trip of a lifetime. Ray will tailor each trip to your needs and will provide all the gear required for your day on the water. Whether you are a beginner who wants to catch fish or learn how to fish, or an experienced angler who wants to “up his game,” Ray will ensure your goals are met. Here are some of the lakes that Ray guides on:

Lake Travis – If you want to have the opportunity to catch a lot of bass, this is the lake you want to go to. While it’s better known for quantity, this lake can surprise you with a Texas trophy bass!

Lake Austin – Just downstream from Lake Travis, this lake is considerably shallower than Lake Travis and has a good population of largemouth bass. There are more 10lb plus bass swimming in this lake than probably any other lake in the Austin area. If you’re hunting for a trophy, a springtime trip to Lake Austin is a must.

Lake Bastrop –This power plant cooling reservoir 45 minutes southeast of Austin offers a high density population of largemouth bass. While not known for producing a lot of trophies, it is common for this grass-filled lake to produce good catches of 2-5 lb. bass.

Ladybird Lake – Nestled right in the middle of downtown Austin, this small, scenic reservoir offers some of the best urban bass fishing in the Austin area. This lake fishes shallow and is known for its quality rather than quantity. A 20lb limit of bass is a common occurrence on this lake.

Walter E. Long – Just a few miles from Austin International Airport, this small power plant cooling reservoir offers excellent fall and wintertime fishing; due to its year-round warm water temperatures. The lakes shoreline is littered with bulrush and is a frog-fisherman’s dream!

To get more information or see a list of frequently asked questions, visit the Plan Your Trip page. Don’t hesitate to set up your trip with one of the best bass fishing guides in Texas. Call us at 915-217-5263 or email raytomasits@yahoo.com. Experience Texas the right way with Hill Country Bass Coach.

Ray T

Ray Tomasits

I was born and raised in Arizona and have had the opportunity to live all over the US almost from coast to coast. After graduating high school from New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, NM, I accepted an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY. While at West Point I majored in Mechanical Engineering and had the privilege to play football for Army.

Upon graduation from West Point, I was commissioned as a 2nd lieutenant in the US Army Corps of Engineers where I trained and served at multiple duty stations (Fort Leonard Wood, MO, Fort Benning, GA, Fort Hood, TX, Camp Bedrock, Bosnia, and Camp Castle, South Korea). Upon fulfilling my 5 year commitment to the Army, I took a job with General Electric in Kansas City where I spent 5 years. I then relocated to El Paso, TX for 4 years, Houston 1 year, and finally Austin.

As I moved throughout my career, my boat always went with me and I bass fished all along the way (both competitively and recreationally). Because I relocated so much, I was forced to quickly learn how to fish new lakes. I’ve fished just about every type of water that the US has to offer from deep, clear riverine reservoirs in Arizona and New Mexico to big upland reservoirs in Missouri to vegetation-filled and tree stump littered lowland reservoirs here in Texas. Through my experience in fishing all of those lakes, I’ve learned fishing techniques that I’ve been able to successfully apply almost everywhere.

Whether you want to learn a specific technique, how to find fish, establish a pattern or just go catch fish, book your trip today and LET’S GO FISHIN’!!!

Family: 3 children with my wife, Amanda - Cohen (9), Luke (6), Chloe (3)

Interests: Fishing, Hunting, Golf, Coaching son's football and baseball


High School – New Mexico Military Institute (Roswell, NM)

BS in Mechanical Engineering – United States Military Academy (West Point, NY)

MBA in Finance – University of Kansas (Lawrence, KS)

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Ray T