6 Hour Helicopter Hog Hunt

Sky Hunter Outfitters

Ultimately our aim is to provide an invaluable service to landowners saving them from as much damage and crop loss each year as possible while providing a hunting experience tailored for each hunter or group of hunters that is sure to be an experience of a lifetime!

At Skyhunter Outfitters, part of our vision is the ability to provide a truly memorable helicopter hog hunting experience for the hunters. We have achieved that through a combination of excellent liaison with the landowners and farmers, world class equipment, and local expertise in locating the areas densely populated by feral hogs. By providing helicopter hog hunting in Texas, we ensure that we can place the hunters in the right place for the most successful feral hog hunt opportunity and to provide a truly great experience for individuals and groups. Our mission is to provide this service to help farmers and landowners whose properties and livestock are being ravaged by this non-indigenous animal and we are proud of playing a part in the larger problem of controlling the overall feral hog population in Texas.

We maintain very high standards and have a long list of feral hog hunters who have greatly enjoyed their stay, and have been very satisfied with our hospitality and services. When it comes to experiencing a helicopter hog hunt what sets us apart from other businesses and hog hunting operators offering similar services, is the localized knowledge that we leverage for the benefit of hunters while providing them a truly customized package at competitive pricing. We have very transparent policies when it comes to helicopter hog hunting prices and packages. With us shooters can expect a fair deal and a tailored experience suiting their unique needs.

About this trip

This is a 6 hour hunt.

We know every group has different needs and we want to make sure your time with us is safe, fun and memorable! We can cater your helicopter hog hunt to just about any need. From a 2 hour hunt with a buddy to a large corporate event, Skyhunter Outfitters will surely impress! We are committed to making sure you have a great time with us!

- Our current rate is $2,000/hour

- Hourly rate can be split between two hunters.

- Hunts include: Helicopter, Fuel, Firearm, Ammunition, Lunch and Drinks.

- Additonal options availabe: Lodging and Edited Video

- We offer discounts for Veterans, Police, Fire, Emergency Services.

- We can fly groups up to 6 people in a day. Our lodge can accomodate up to 12 people.

- We can fly two shooters at a time.

- There is a 50% deposit required at the time of booking to secure your hunt.


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100% paid in-person when the trip begins
Minimum People:
Target game:
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Type of guiding available:
Weapon(s) used:
What's Included:
Wounding Policy:
Wounding the animal is considered harvesting.


Property description:
Every year we join thousands of landowners and farmers across the state of Texas battling feral hogs. This invasive species causes massive amounts of damage to crops, livestock, and native wildlife. "Helicopter hog hunting" as it is usually called is actually Wildlife and Land Management, a program authorized and governed by Texas Parks and Wildlife. We provide this proven method of wildlife and land management to farmers all across the state! If you are a landowner in Fannin, Lamar, Hunt, or Delta county and have feral hog problems or would like to have your land flown to prevent damage from feral hogs, we've got you covered! Generally, this takes about 30 minutes to an hour from start to finish.