Helicopter Hog Hunting

G&T Outfitters

G&T Outfitters are the premier Outfitter for Aerial Wild Hog Eradication & Control in Central Texas, providing this service for local farmers, ranchers & landowners since 2013. Helicopter hog/pig hunting in Texas has become a very effective way to begin to control the feral swine population that cause so much damage to crops, watersheds, and wildlife every year in our great state. We look forward to having you along as a member of our crew as we go on the hunt for this invasive species. You will have the experience of a lifetime. We take pride in providing personal, professional, & excellent customer service. USMC Veteran owned & operated.

About this trip

2 Hour Hunt – starting at $3,780

3 Hour Hunt – starting at $5,670

4 Hour Hunt – starting at $7,560

5 Hour Hunt – starting at $9,450

6 Hour Hunt – starting at $11,340

For the best experience, 3 Hour Hunts are highly recommended.

All pricing includes the use of G&T provided weapons & Ammo.

For parties over 2, all hunts will be coordinated to accommodate 2-3 people onboard.

Shooters / Hunters may be permitted to use their own weapons if approved by G&T / UAI staff only.

ALL Shooters / Hunters MUST have a current / valid TPWD hunting license.

For cooperate events, or groups over 8 shooters, please contact G&T direct before booking.

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100% paid in-person when the trip begins
Target game:
Wild Boar
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Property description:
In conjunction with our aviation providers we have over 100k acres of Central Texas farm and ranch land to eradicate feral hogs. With an estimated population of over 2 million, our efforts are crucial to the hard working farmers and ranchers of Central Texas who depend on our services. These efforts are an absolute necessity to also protect our invaluable water resources from contamination, and the spread of disease that the majority of feral hogs carry. Based out of Georgetown Municipal Airport, (KGTU), we are within minutes by air to the areas where we hunt / eradicate these invasive vermin. Every shot counts, as a 70% reduction per day (that’s 70 out of every 100 hogs ) is needed to “control” the growth in the population. Feral hogs cause more than 50 million dollars in damage every year to the Lone Star State from destruction of crops, loss of livestock, wildlife, and water contamination.