1 Day Teal Hunt

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We offer some of the very best waterfowl hunting in all of North America because we are fanatical about duck and goose hunting. Our #1 goal is to insure that all hunters have a truly great experience with us. Whether it’s scouting every day and being mobile, or building places that the ducks want to visit, we run top of the line equipment to give people the best opportunities.

Here at Snowstorm Outfitters, we take great pride in providing a service that sees a very high percentage of repeat clients. We enjoy sharing these very memorable, and sometimes “once in a lifetime” experiences with others. This is possible because of our dedication and commitment to the pursuit of waterfowl. While there are many “one and done” operations out there, we are not one of them!

Come join us, and make memories that will last a lifetime! Call Today!

About this trip

September Teal Hunts - $200.00 per person

Season begins the 2nd Saturday in September, runs for 9 consecutive days, and ends the following Sunday.

Early Season Teal Hunts

Due to the explosion in the Blue Winged Teal population, Tn was granted an expanded teal season that increased both the number of days to hunt and the bag limit. This increased prompted us to implement a plan to target these early migrating ducks. This past season (Sept. 2014), we decided to see just how well flooding the corn as soon as it was cut would produce. We were very pleased!

We will now be booking teal hunts for this season permitting that corn is cut and we have time to flood and catch birds. The hunting is relatively simple but extremely fast paced. We stand in the uncut corn, and most hunts are over (limits) before the sun is even up.

We do not hunt afternoons, nor do we hunt consecutive days. In order to kill teal consistently, we must allow them to rest.

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Wounding the animal is considered harvesting.


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Duck and Goose Hunting Areas Reelfoot Lake duck hunting, Tennessee Snow Goose hunting, Tennessee Speck (White-Fronted goose) hunting, Tennessee Blue-Winged Teal hunting, Snow Goose hunting in Missouri, Snowstorm Outfitters Guide Service.