We operate Hunting Safaris in South Africa and Zimbabwe and hunt some of the best concessions there is to offer for Big Game and Plains Game in Southern Africa. We strive to give top quality service and an unforgettable hunting experience to our clients. We tailor affordable African Safaris around the individual hunter to suit your needs. If you are a collector, looking for a particularly rare specimen or Trophy, we will do our best to locate it for you.

Our main camp is nested in the heart of the African Bushveld on a 4000 Hectares / 9900 Acres Ranch in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, just north of the Soutpansberg Mountain, a convenient 4 hour drive from OR Tambo International Airport. The Mattanja Ranch is home to over 15 species of Plains Game, Buffalo, Hyena and night critters, making this one of the best Hunting Destinations in the area. We have all the hunting requirements any hunter can dream of and can guarantee a traditional, fair chase hunt on all our Safaris. Surrounded by an abundance of wildlife and baobab trees the stay with Mattanja Hunting Safaris is of a first class experience that brings you closer to the vibrant dark continent. Our second Hunting Area in South Africa is in the Free State Province and our camp is a mere 2 hour drive from OR Tambo Interantional Airport. Our Free State Area has over 25 Plains Game species to choose from and produce exceptional Springbuck, Blesbuck and Black Wildebeest Trophies!

We also have access to some of the best Safari Areas Zimbabwe has to offer, from the Gona Re Zhou in the south to the Matetsi Safari Area in the north, all free range hunts! Zimbabwe is one of the best hunting destinations if you are in pursuit of free roaming dangerous game.

Every client will be guided personally by myself or one of my hand picked Professional Hunters.

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