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Snow Goose Hunting Guide Services in South East Missouri, NW Missouri, South Dakota & Saskatchewan Canada!!

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Your premier snow goose guide service in Missouri, South Dakota, and Saskatchewan. We specialize in spring snow goose conservation hunts. The conservation season was set in place to reduce the exploding numbers of snow geese. The spring season allows unplugged guns, extended shooting hours, and the use of electronic calls. The spring snow goose migration is a sight to be seen by all! It is the one time of year that you can witness large masses of snow geese as they push north as hard as they dare to get back to their breeding grounds. Our hunts are ran in the most productive areas in Missouri and South Dakota assuring you a quality experience with us. Let our team of dedicated and knowledgeable snow goose guides put our experience to work for you so you a can witness the bone chilling effects of thousands of geese piling in on top of you!

More Equipment. More Locations. More Success.

When hunting with us absolutely everything in our control is done to ensure you get the hunt of a lifetime you are expecting. We never have a shortage of equipment, places to hunt, and most importantly we never have a shortage of guides on staff to ensure we can handle anything the spring migration may throw at us! Every location has something uniqee to offer our hunters...I am sure you will be able to find EXACTLY what you are looking for at one of our locations!

Shane E

Shane Erdmann is the owner of Migrator Valley Outfitters as well as a Co-Owner of Swift River Outfitters. He has lived his entire life in the heart of the central flyway in North Dakota. Growing up in North Dakota gave him the opportunity to become a very accomplished waterfowl hunter! Today he is given the opportunity to share his passion with numerous clients each year at Swift River Outfitters as well as Migrator Valley Outfitters.

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Shane E