R.D.'S Whitetails


Highland and Ross counties in Ohio produce multiple deer every year over 200 inches. The number one rule of harvesting big deer is “You have to hunt where big deer live.”

Property Management

Most of our farms have been in our management program for 5-10 years. R.D. knows his farms and his deer. This not only helps in growing and harvesting large whitetails, it’s a huge help in recovering them also.

Rested farms

Unlike some outfitters, we only run hunters during the most productive weeks of the hunting season. R.D. will only put hunters in his camp when he feels that the odds are the highest for hunters to be successful. Although a deer can be harvested any week of the season

why add that pressure to our farms for a lower chance of success.

Clients only on our farms

Only our clients will have the opportunity to hunt our farms. None of our staff, friends, or family are ever allowed to hunt on our client farms. These farms are managed for you and you alone.

Personal service

R.D. will only take six hunters per week in his camp. This provides a personal touch you just can’t find with 20+ hunters in camp.

Great Food

All meals are home cooked by one of our two great cooks. Whether it be Ms. Jenny or Ms. Sandy cooking for you, you won’t be disappointed. No spaghetti or venison night here boys.

R.D.’s Whitetails

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Phone 937-728-2056

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Ron D

I grew up in the heart of whitetail country, so it’s only natural that hunting and the outdoors filled my heart. I have been obsessed with big deer and learning about them since I was a child. My obsession grew into a need to spend as much time in the outdoors as possible. So I made it not just my job but my life. My passion and obsession has evolved into sharing the great outdoors with my clients. I am truly blessed to share memories with our clients that I know will last a lifetime for them and me. There is nothing like seeing a hunter fulfill his life long dream of harvesting a big mature whitetail buck.

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Ron D