Texas Straight Shooter

Come join us for a great evening of hunting and viewing mother nature in a way have never experienced it before!!!

We hunt packs of wild hogs in complete darkness aided by night vision once hogs are spotted we go after the hogs with M151A2 jeeps. When in range of the hogs we will dismount from the jeep and the hunt is on to get a closer shot. this will allow you to get better shot placement on the hogs. This may open up the opportunity to get multiple hogs with the use of night vision goggles, infrared laser sights, and suppressed firearm systems.

Now you let that sink in for a minute…

Schedule a hog hunt with us and all gear is provided (night vision, firearms, and ammo). All you have to do is get here with boots and dark clothing appropriate for the current weather conditions including inclement weather. Keep in mind that the weather can get cold at night even when it is nice out the day of the hunt.

We work very hard with our local land owners to make these hunts possible and to make sure that hogs are active in the area! So that we can provide you with the best service possible on these hunts, but remember this is hunting and that means you may or may not get a hog!!! remember hunting is more than just seeing something and shooting at it. However we do our best to give you multiple opportunities to get some hogs!!!

George H

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George H