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Captain Robert Earl McDaniel ( Squirrel, Curly, Cap, Capt Earl, Whoop'em or Fish Slayer) seems everyone has a different nickname for me!! I only like to fish by myself or with someone.

I was born 6-64 and raised along the shores of the Mississippi Gulf Coast where I married my most awesome wife Tracie. Two fantastic boys Brandon (1993) and Justin (1995) along with the greatest parents father, Robert C McDaniel (Bob) from Neshoba County, Mississippi and owner of Biloxi's Bob's Grocery, and my mother, Geraldine Poe (Sally) from Grenada, Mississippi owner of Grocery Basket.

Being on or near the water whether it be fishing, shrimping, crabbing, throwing a cast net or just boating that's where I'm most at peace. It's a way of life for me, that I have enjoyed my whole life. Always within casting distance from the Biloxi Back Bay I learned to catch and cook what it has to offer and still enjoy learning. Along with fishing, I've been in and out of construction my whole life. So I appreciate and know all about a good hard days work.

I started fishing offshore in 1987 with a couple childhood friends when I feel in love with it. Something kept making me want to go back for more, the fascinating things you'd see and catch and learn each and every day offshore fishing. Very challenging yet rewarding!

The "TUG OF WAR" of a good fish still excites me today as much as the first. Seeing our guest catch a trophy fish or sometimes their first fish is very gratifing.

Guess I need to mention I have a brother who is THE Mississippi State Record Cobia holder since 1996 #106.8 Randy McDaniel. Many other state and world records have been set aboard the WhipaSnapa.....

*****MY WORD****

If you go fishing with me you're going to get a patient, passionate, well prepared and respectful captain with a bunch of knowledge of boating and catching fish in our area. All my boating and fishing equipment is going to be nice and kept well maintained. I WILL go the extra mile for you! All you do is come aboard with small cooler, food, drinks and a positive attitude

God Bless

Whipa S

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