7 Day Bull Elk Hunt

Silver Grand Outfitters

SilverGrand Outfitters guides a limited number of hunts each year. All of our hunts are 1X1 and Master Guide and Owner; Bruce Hudson will guide all hunts personally. Your hunt will be a memorable, enjoyable experience.

This outfitter & guide has many years experience with "ALL" hunting weapons/seasons.. Whether it's a rifle elk hunt, muzzleloader deer hunt, archery antelope or a handgun javelina, we can tailor your hunt to get that trophy. Prior to the hunt, many days and weeks are spent afield scouting, beginning in June and running through the complete hunt season. Only SWAROVSKI OPTICS are used at SilverGrand Outfitters. Book a hunt with us and I will "Show You Why".

About this trip

Hunt Rates/All Inclusive: 1x1

Bull Elk $5550.00 7 Day Hunts

Buck Deer $5150.00 6 Day Hunts

Buck Antelope $2950.00 4 Day Hunts

Cow Elk $2450.00 4 Day Hunts

Nelson (Desert) Bighorn $7450.00 10 Day Hunts

California Bighorn $7850.00 10 Day Hunts

AZ/NV Spring Turkey $2150.00 4 Day Hunts

AZ Spring Javelina $1950.00 4 Day Hunts

AZ Jan. Archery Deer/Javelina Combo $3950.00 5 Day Hunts (Non Permit Tags) These tags may be purchased over the counter at AZGFD or licensed dealers.

Upland Birds $550.00 1 Day Hunt - Multiple days can be booked. Hunt behind "Pudel Pointer" hunt dogs. Close up shots for "WILD BIRDS". Chukar and Quail.

Predator $550.00 1 Day Hunt - Multiple days can be booked. Where the hunters become "THE HUNTED".

Applications & Deadlines:

Call for help filling out applications in Nevada and Arizona. Both states have different (Do and Don'ts). Do not waste your dollars, time, or a chance of drawing a "coveted" tag, or at least obtaining another bonus/loyalty point. Let this OUTFITTER assist you, not some "Apps Service" that know little about your hunt needs and wants ??? As always, at SilverGrand Outfitters this most important service is FREE, and just a phone call, or e-mail away. Also, Nevada has Landowner tags for elk, deer and antelope available if you do not draw in the general draw. At this time, Arizona has no landowner tags for any big game hunts.

Nevada Restricted N.R. Guided Deer Hunt (1235) Mid-March

Nevada Deer, Elk, Antelope & Sheep Mid-April

Arizona Antelope & Elk February

Arizona Deer & Sheep June

Arizona Spring Turkey & Javelina October

Contact Information:

Bruce Hudson

SilverGrand Outfitters

1268 Seminole Lane

Henderson, NV. 89015

(702) 743-8389


Licensed in "ALL" of Nevada and Arizona

with Special Use Permits in place.

Other Trips We Provide
100% paid in-person when the trip begins
Minimum People:
Target game:
Rocky Mountain Elk
Type of guiding available:
Weapon(s) used:


Property description:
Most camp sites are as close to the game as possible, in new camp trailers with "All the Amenities". When the need arises, wall tents will be used. Arrive at our/your camp with everything in place for a comfortable, memorable hunt experience. You will need to arrive in camp with personal needs, sleeping bag, weapon (sighted in), ammo, proper tag and a signed hunt license. As stated earlier, you will be the only tag holder in camp, but --- if you and your partner/spouse/child draw tags together, we can arrange this hunt per your request. Also bring along a non-hunter, again per your request with a modest fee to be added.
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