5 Day Black Bear Hunt

Bald Mountain Outfitters

The Pollard family has been in the hunting, guiding, fishing and wilderness pack trip business in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming since 1952! My grandfather, Archie, built the first lodge on Half Moon Lake in 1952. I have had my Wyoming Outfitters License (BG71) since 1976 and worked as a guide/packer for my Grandfather for 10 years prior to that point in time. I received my BS degree in Wildlife from Utah and Weber State Universities in 1972 and have put that knowledge to work in our Outfitting Business. Our business is truly a Family Operation and I am proud to note the following Awards from the Wyoming Outfitters & Guides Association:

My daughter, Nycole, won the Guide of the Year Award for Wyoming in 2006

My son, Travis, won the Guide of the Year Award for Wyoming in 2001!

Bald Mountain Outfitters has the expertise and knowledge to provide you with a well-organized, safe and exciting excursion. We provide our guests with the experienced staff who know our area, gentle and dependable horses and mules, comfortable, clean camps and quality gear. We work hard to make certain that your activity with us is a truly enjoyable experience.

About this trip

Black Bear population continues to grow. This bait hunt can be booked in either the spring or fall season, with spring season, historically being the best. We place our baits outside of, but near the Bridger Wilderness Area and have historically taken some extremely good Trophies. We historically take a very large percentage of color phase bears. We are currently on a "Female Mortality Quota System" and the season varies accordingly. Your lodging will be provided at our Burnt Lake Drive-in Base Camp, local motels/lodges in Pinedale, depending on the season, our best chance of harvest and your particular wants. Licenses can be purchased upon arrival.

5 Day Hunt: $4,000.00 plus 4% use tax

Archery Hunting

Bald Mountain Outfitter Archery

I have been a bowhunter for my entire life and I truly enjoy archery hunters and archery hunting of all types. I offer hunts for all of our species, but we can be especially successful on Black Bear, Elk, Whitetail Deer, Antelope and Moose.

We cater to all archers - Longbow, Compound bow, Recurve bow, and Cross Bow hunters are welcome!

Cow Elk Hunting

Bald Mountain Outfitter Cow Elk

Our Elk Herd is in extremely good shape and as of this writing. If you participate in the January drawing, you will have a very good chance to draw the ½ price additional cow/calf license, area 97 type 6 for your elk hunt. If you don’t draw in January or miss the drawing, we will have area 97 type 1 licenses available in July that can be used for that Cow Hunt. We will generally be hunting from either our Blacks Lake Base Camp or from the Burnt Lake drive in camp (depending on weather and elk movement) for this Cow Elk Hunt. The location of these camps adjacent to the Fall Creek Elk Feed Ground afford us unsurpassed opportunities to harvest that cow elk:

November 1 - 15 Available Hunt Dates

3 Days of Hunting, 4 Day Total

Fill your freezer & scout our Trophy Bull Elk Hunting area for the 2016 season

Deluxe Hunting Camp, all horses, pack out of your meat, 2 hunters per guide, and all Food provided

Economically priced at:

$2200/hunter plus 4% Forest Use Tax (If you have 1 Cow Elk License)

$3200/hunter plus 4% Forest Use Tax (If you have 2 Cow Elk Licenses)

Very high success rates


Bald Mountain Outfitter Elk

The Bridger Wilderness Area continues to produce some of the best Trophies and the highest Bull:Cow ratios in the state. We hunt nearly exclusively in the Bridger Wilderness and I can offer the advantage of three Deluxe Base Camps, high Wilderness spike camps or Day Use Hunting from the town of Pinedale. Our Base Camps are among the most deluxe and comfortable camps that you will experience. In addition, we have a Day Use Permit that we can utilize from our Elk Hart Park Pack Station when needed. " BURNT LAKE BASE CAMP: This is a drive in base camp complete with cabins on the shore of Burnt Lake and a wood Cook/dining cabin. We utilize this site as our Trailhead to the Wilderness and our other Base Camps. In addition, the camp site provides some ideal late season Elk hunting.

HORSESHOE LAKE BASE CAMP: This deluxe Wilderness Base Camp is located about 4 horse hours from our Burnt Lake Base, in the Bridger Wilderness. This ideal location allows us access to Elk, Mule Deer and Moose hunting during the early season and until we get snowed out of the high country. We are strategically located between two migratory elk routes to the Fall Creek Feed Ground to the North and the Scab Creek Elk Feed Ground to the South!

BLACKS LAKE BASE CAMP: This deluxe non-Wilderness Base Camp is located on the shores of Blacks Lake, about 100 feet from the Wilderness Boundary. The Base Camp is located about 1 ½ horse hours from the Trailhead and offers great hunting opportunities for Elk, Deer and Moose. This is as deluxe a pack in Base Camp as you will find with individual wall tents (2 hunters/tent) large cook tent and even offers a heated ‘outhouse’ tent and hot water shower tent.

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