5 Day Deer Hunt

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Spanning more than a century of hunting experience, the hunting tradition has been passed down through my family beginning with the first Condict who homesteaded on the family ranch in Southern Wyoming in 1867.

My great- grandfather not only hunted for survival, he was an ardent sportsman and conservationist, and game was protected and thrived on the ranch. My father Win learned these philosophies from his grandfather, and he became a guide and outfitter for over 65 years. I have been fortunate to spend many years learning how to hunt from my father, and the rich history and experiences surrounding me while growing up have left a lasting impression on my life.

I have one important philosophy that I learned from over 40 years as an outfitter and guide, and I always keep it in mind: to give you the best hunting experience possible. Each hunter is greeted with a smile and lots of enthusiasm because we want you to leave with good memories and new friends.

About this trip

5 Day Elk Rifle hunt $5300 General License/October 15-31

Saratoga Private Land hunt

5 Day Trophy Elk Hunt $7500 Limited Quota area, 8 preference points required, October 9 – 31

Food and Lodging not included

5 Day Deer Hunt $4800 Limited Quota: area 79 type 1

October 1 – 14, Saratoga Private

Land Hunt

3 Day Economy Deer Hunt $2100 Region M, Guided Private Land hunt

Food and Lodging not included

3 Day Antelope Hunt $2200 Area 50 type 1, Sept 16 – Oct 31

Private land hunt

Add a Trophy Antelope Hunt

to any Deer or Elk Hunt $1000

6 Day Mt Lion Hunt $5500 Statewide areas, November – March

Hunts in Bighorn Mountains do not include food and lodging

4 Day Bear Hunt $3200 May-June on Call

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Mule Deer
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