Guided Moose Hunt Rate 7 Days

PB Guide Service

For over thirty years, PB Guide Service has been offering the best in guided black bear, moose, and whitetail deer hunting.

From our camps in the Baker Lake Region of the North Maine Woods, you gain access to hundreds of miles of private wilderness and dirt roads where we are the only commercial outfitter. Our vast hunting territory gives you an unmatched opportunity to hunt black bears, moose, and trophy whitetail deer.

Whether you’re a first time hunter or a seasoned veteran, a single party or a family of six, PB Guide Service can give you a hunting experience you’ll remember for decades.

About this trip

Black Bear Hunt

With our black bear hunt, we vary the price from week to week. While PB Guide Service is successful every week of the black bear hunting season, the first and second weeks tend to be the most popular, so we lower the price of the third and fourth week to provide incentives and options for our customers.

The prices are:

1st week: $2000.00

2nd week: $1800.00

3rd week: $1800.00

4th week: $1600.00

Guaranteed Black Bear Hunt

PB Guide Service offers a guaranteed black bear hunt. If you don’t see a bear to shoot, you can hunt with PB Guide Service next season for free. PB Guide Service provides the best opportunity to shoot a Maine black bear, and our guaranteed hunt offers peace of mind for those who want it. The price for the guaranteed black bear hunt is $3000.00.

Zone 4 Moose Hunt

If you’ve drawn a moose permit for Zone 4 in Maine, we have two great options available for your hunt.

Guided Moose Hunt Rate

Includes dedicated Maine guide, meals, lodging, transportation, complete access to our camps and amenities, AND the option to bring your sub-permittee at no additional cost.

$4,000.00 for the full week (includes sub-permittee)

Bed & Meals Moose Hunt Rates

Includes meals, use of walk-in cooler, complete access to our camps and amenities, and individual lodging for you and/or your group. Contact us for rates.

Whitetail Deer Hunt

All our whitetail deer hunts fall under the “bed and meals” option. The price for the whitetail deer hunt is $800.00 per week (subject to sales tax).

If you have any other questions about pricing, or to find out about our grouse, coyote, or moose hunts, please contact us.

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100% paid in-person when the trip begins
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Candada Moose
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Campfire 300x225