7 Day Fully Guided Hunt

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NH Guide service providing a unique and enjoyable experience in the beautiful Great North Woods of New Hampshire.

The area's only full-time, professional hunting guide service. Est 1999

"Many days are spent scouting for game and prime hunting locations, well before the seasons even begin -- enabling you the best opportunity to experience a great hunt."

"Here we have no clients or customers -- just hunting buddies ... and we never let a hunting buddy down!"

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About this trip

Fully Guided Hunts

We will provide only 1 FULLY GUIDED hunts for 2015 [Zones B (this is where we're located) C2, B, A2, A1 & C1 only so contact us early...

The Hunt: We will fully guide one lucky permit winning hunter (and his/her sub-permitee). We will spend ample time, during the weeks before the season opens, scouting in that assigned territory to ensure a quality experience for the lucky permit winner and sub-permitee.

What's Included: Fully guided. We will provide a means of getting your trophy out of the woods to our vehicle, transportation to a check-in station, and local butcher if desired.

License Requirement and Cost: Click here for NH hunting license rates. The state of NH also applies a surcharge to all permit winners of $100/residents and $300/non-residents.

Bag Limit: 1 per lottery winner. Lottery winner or his/her sub-permitee may shoot the moose.

Hunt Cost: $4,500 for a (up to) 7 day hunt with bull of greater than 45" guaranteed. (If we tell you to shoot and bull measures less than 45" or you don't get a shot at a > 45" bull then $2,000 of hunt cost is refunded).

$2,500 for a 4 day hunt if you're not looking for a trophy bull or have a cow only tag.

Deposit Required: 50% of total cost due within 10 days of booking. The balance is due 30 days before hunt date. Deposits are necessary to hold your date(s) of hunting. Due to the fact that your deposit secures our services for a specific time; unless we can book someone in your place, it will not be refundable.

Items to Bring: Orange vest or hat, compass, hunting knife, waterproof outerwear, waterproof boots. Shotgun: 12 or 20 ga. with slugs, or preferably a rifle: anything that you shoot well -- .25 cal. and up recommended, or a bow, muzzleloader (.45 cal. and up only) or handgun (.44mag. and up only), flashlight, camera and plenty of film.

Semi-Guided Hunt (zones B, A2, C2 & C1 only)

We will plan on spending time before the hunt with a group and also the second half of the hunt, if it's necessary. Which will include...

Field report about area moose, game-plan on where and how to hunt and we'll go over the results at the end of each day and get you poised to strike! If you don't harvest your moose during the first few days, then we'll join you on the fifth day of the season, for the remaining days of the season. You can't miss!

Rate: $1,250

Deposit Required: 50% of total cost due within 10 days of booking. The balance is due 30 days before hunt date.

Guided Scouting provided through October 1.

If you have won a lottery permit (Zones C2, B, A2, A1 & C1 only) and would like to spend a day with us scouting your area-- contact us. We will spend a full 8 hours with you choosing the most productive specific areas to hunt, including developing a game plan on how to hunt each area.

Rate: $500/day

Field Report

Don't have time to scout yourself? (Zones C2, B, A2, A1 & C1 only)

We'll provide you a detailed FIELD REPORT for your area including...

Detailed topographical map of specific 'higher moose concentration' area with 1-2 full pages of information about the moose in the area, hunting tactics, stand locations, etc. This has become very popular in recent years. You'll have the edge!

Rate: $750

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Candada Moose
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