5 Day Deer Hunt

Brushy Fork Outfitters

Welcome to Brushy Fork Outfitters, Ohio’s premier hunting operation. We’re situated in Licking County, in the heart of Big Buck Country, but we also have thousands of acres of private lands in Knox, Muskingum and Coshocton counties. Stands are strategically placed to overlook both open and timbered properties, depending upon time of year, weather, deer activity and our clients’ preferences. Our holdings have lots of food and cover for whitetails, BEEFY ones, and we know best how to hunt each parcel.

This knowledge, along with our professional guides’ commitment to success, is why our customers hate to see our place in their rearview mirrors. Since 2010, the year we “went public,” eight of 10 hunters here have had shot opportunities at record-book bucks. Your shot awaits, and we at Brushy Fork Outfitters will do our best to put you in the right spot at the right time. Come see for yourself, and keep your taxidermist on notice.

About this trip

Opening Week Sept. 29 - Oct. 3 5 $3,500

Pre-rut Archery Oct. 15 - Oct. 19 5 $3,500

Oct. 22 - Oct. 26 5 $3,500

Rut Archery Oct. 19 - Nov. 2 5 $3,500

Nov. 5 - Nov. 9 5 $3,500

Nov. 12 - Nov. 16 5 $3,500

Youth Gun Nov. 18 - Nov. 19 2 $1,500

Gun Nov. 26 - Nov.30 5-7 $3,500

Extended Gun Dec. 15 - Dec. 16 2 $2,000

Late Season Muzzleloader Jan. 5 - Jan. 8 2019 4 $3,500

Late Season Archery Dates TBA Flexible $3,500

DIY* Deer Hunts Dates Flexible Flexible $2,500

BFO's "On Call" Hunts Dates TBA Flexible $4,500

* Do It Yourself

A $1,000 deposit is required to book your hunt. Credit cards, checks and money orders are accepted. Remainder of balance is due upon arrival to camp.

Veterans are entitled to a 10-percent discount.

Deer Hunts (Fully Guided):

Early Season Archery

The early season is a great time to hunt. The bucks are still holding their summer patterns and are very predictable this time of year. They’re extremely comfortable and less nocturnal as well. This is the first time the deer will see pressure all year, and we love to catch those rascals off-guard! Using trail cameras and glassing food plots and soybean fields, we are able to pattern big bucks consistently. At BFO, we take great pride in our scouting abilities, and we LOVE to put big bucks on the ground opening week!

Pre-rut Archery

This is a very productive time to be in the woods! We transition from hunting over food plots and soybean fields to hunting back in the woods. Does still have a couple of weeks to come into estrus, and bucks are raging with testosterone. The bucks are also rubbing and scraping. Big bucks are caught walking around during daylight hours with a chip on their shoulder. This is a great time use calls and decoys to get ol’ big boy to sidestep into bow range!

Rut Archery

This is the best time to be in the woods. PERIOD. Bucks have ABSOLUTELY lost their minds and are after one thing: a hot doe. We transition back to the food sources and feeders to start hunting the does. If you have 10 does under your stand, the bucks are bound to follow! Shot opportunities at 140-inch or larger deer are far better this time of year. Most hunters see multiple shooter bucks on a daily basis at BFO during this time. If you sit in the stand all day, you are sure to get an opportunity at an Ohio trophy!

Youth Gun

This is a great time to bond with a loved one out in God’s country. Share the experience of hunting mature whitetails with your son or daughter. BFO boasts a 100-percent shot opportunity for the youngsters during the youth gun weekend. It is a great time to catch the tail end of the rut and see mature bucks finishing out the chase! Hunts can also be filmed and professionally edited for bragging rights!


Get in on the shooting action with a BFO gun hunt. Bucks are back to hitting the food sources to replenish from hardcore chasing. You’ll be hunting over active food sources and open hardwoods where bucks can be seen at long distances. Catch them coming out their bedding areas and right into your shooting lane. Shot opportunity is very high, and big bucks will be hitting the dirt! Limited spots available, so BOOK FAST!

Late Muzzleloader

This is a great time to be in the woods. Deer must keep moving to maintain warmth in this COLD weather. Deer are hitting the Frigid Forage plots and corn piles HARD! The second rut is also in full swing, as young does are coming into estrus. Be ready to see TONS of deer on this hunt.

*We also offer professionally filmed and edited hunt packages. Call for details.

DIY Hunt Packages

We offer do-it-yourself hunt packages as well as fully guided hunts. Our DIY hunts are based out of our south camp. The cozy cabin is nestled back in the woods, and has all the amenities. You will have access to productive stand locations. One of our knowledgeable guides will show you stand sites and explain movement patterns. You can choose to hunt out of our stands, or hang your own. You will

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