5 Day Bear Hunt

Hughley Guide Service

Our success comes from our focus on quality hunts instead of quantity of hunters, therfore we guide a limited number of hunters each season. Our goal is to provide you with the best hunt possible. We strive for 100% opportunity.

Our first-rate guides have extensive experience and expertise in both hunting bear and guiding hunts. All guides have harvested numberous bear both as hunters and guides.

About this trip

About Our Hunts

We offer a 5 day bear hunt for $1000. There is a $200 non refundable deposit. Your hunt will include supper after your hunt each night and we offer to remove your bear from the woods, skin, gut, quarter and cool it in a freezer truck.

We provide an over bait hunt where you will be hunting an active bait site. We pride ourselves on maintaining an extremely high percentage rate of opportunity.

We retrive, field dress, prep for taxidermy and quarter your bear. We provide hunts out of ground blinds, ladder stands and portable tree stands.

Archery, muzzle loader, shotgun and rifle are the preferred weapons used by our hunters.

DNR's website for a lottery application and to purchase a license if necessary. Application for the lottery starts April 1st. Deadline for their lottery is May 4th.

IMPORTANT: A license will need to be purchased by August 1st.

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100% paid in-person when the trip begins
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Black Bear
Grizzly Bear
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