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Reddog Guide Service is your Maine state guiding service to the Mid Coast & Central Maine area for Fishing and Hunting. Reddog Guide Service specializes in Bass and Pike fishing on Maine’s lakes and streams including Upland Hunting over Vizsla, Labrador Retrievers (Labs) and German Shorthaired Pointers (GSP).

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About this trip

Hunting: Moose- $2500

Moose Hunting by Lottery Winners Only! If you were selected in Maine’s Moose Drawing and need a guide to locate your moose. Contact us! Keep in mind we have one guide per season and booking is on first deposit basis per moose week!

We Guide in Many Zones – See below list!

We offer 3 meals a day for 2 people, (Permit and sub permit holder) breakfast, bag lunch, and pot luck suppers, lodging in a cabin when available, a camper or tents depending upon zone. Gas and transportation to go moose hunting are included.

Additional hunters on your hunt may be arranged with us. We provide transportation for only (2) hunters included under above pricing. Additional restrictions and pricing will apply. Contact us with your specific request and we will try to accommodate additional party members. (Note: We reserve the right to deny additional hunting party members in order to provide a good hunting experience.)

Price does not include: Your hunting license and moose permit, gate fees, tipping your guide, or processing, caping, skinning & taxidermy. Price includes a remote camp. For other accommodations, call me for prices.

Note: We do not provide moose processing, skinning, caping or taxidermy as noted above, we will however locate the nearest processor or you can use your own. Our transportation of your moose is from field back to base camp and to tagging station, and if available on route processing center.

Email or call and let us know what you would like to have for a hunt! Have your own lodging? Want 50 inch or more class bull? Talk to us, we can help with details to increase your chances of that moose of a lifetime.

Deposits and final Payment requirements

Deposits to hold hunt are non-refundable and we require a 50% Deposit. All hunts are not considered booked with us until we receive your deposit. So please if you speak to us on the phone and book a hunt, get your payment to us ASAP! We accept checks or cash for a deposit.

Final payment must be made before the start of your hunt. It is highly recommended that you pay for your hunt in full prior to your arrival to avoid any possible problems with your payments.

Maine DIF&W Moose Hunting Information: Click Here

We know where to hunt, how to call, when to use scents and how to find your moose! Our hunts are custom engineered to provide you with a truly remarkable hunting experience.

We can custom design your hunt and insist that our hunters become an active role in “Your” hunt! Our moose hunting adventures will take you to the moose and your skill as a marksman is only a small portion of your moose hunt. Once an animal is down, the photos are taken and the high fives have all been given out, the real hunting opportunity begins. Our hunters are required to participate in the process of retrieval, from field dressing to extricating the beast, to the truck or trailer!

Moose hunting is one of the most exciting hunts you will ever be involved in and it is your responsibility as a sportsmen or sporting women to be involved in the entire process of the hunt! We will be there every step of the way, with the gear, hands, guidance and tools necessary for extraction, and so will you! (Some hunts you supply all gear) You may be required to move brush, clear fallen trees and assist in even temporary bridge building efforts, you may be asked to simply guide a rope or retrieve water, food or gear from the trucks. There will be many tasks that are required, none of which we would not do ourselves as your team mates in this process!

Our moose hunts are not for the faint at heart hunter, we are known to move a 1000 pound moose, over a mile that can take from 3 hours to 8 hours to get it loaded on the truck and ready to take it to the tagging station. We use capstan winches, snatch blocks and chain saws to get your moose out. Watch video for more details.

Every hunt is unique and every situation creates a challenge. The question is….are you up for the challenge! If you

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