6 day hunt

South Hampton Outfitters

Southampton Outfitters is located in Southampton County, Virginia, where we have over 5,000 acres of

land for deer hunting, turkey hunting, bow hunting, gun hunting, and dove hunting. Our goal is to provide our

guests with enjoyable well managed hunts with a high rate of success, while maintaining the highest degree

of safety possible. When the hunt is done, we want to provide you with a place to kickback and relax. Our

comfortable lodge allows you to do just that and when its time for food and drink, it is all family style and all

you can eat.

Southampton Outfitters


About this trip

Bow Hunts

October 6th - November 16th

6 day hunt $1900

3 day hunt $1000

Gun Hunting

Shot gun only!!

November 17th - Jan 5th

6 day hunt $2100

3 day hunt $1100

3 day hunts there will be a 1 buck 2 doe limit

6 day hunts there will be a 2 buck 2 doe limit

Any Violations will be a $500 Fine

Spring Gobbler Hunting

April 14th - May 19th


6 day hunt $1700 - 2 bird limit

3 day hunt $900 -1 bird limit


6 day hunt $1300 - 2 bird limit

3 day hunt $700 - 1 bird limit

**Opportunity for additional birds are $300

** We rely on a strict antler restriction program we assess a $300 fine for substandard bucks. Our

rule is 15" inside spread.

**Button bucks are $50 fine

**We also assess a $300 fine for gobblers with less than a 6" beard.

**Animal processing is a $50 charge for deer and $25 charge for turkey.

**Hunting packages include lodging, meals, towels, bed linens, transportation to and from the

hunting areas.

**Packages DO NOT INCLUDE licenses, game processing, or GRATUITIES.

One half hour before sunrise until 12 noon each day

until May 1st.

All Day May 1st - May 14th

Other Trips We Provide
100% paid in-person when the trip begins
Minimum People:
Target game:
Whitetail Deer
Type of guiding available:
Weapon(s) used:


Property description:
The land you hunt has been farmed by our family for over 100 years and has been managed for its wildlife, timber, and crops. Deer hunting, turkey hunting, and dove hunting have long been local traditions and more recently bow hunting is fast becoming a tradition. With specific emphasis placed on wildlife management, there are many food plots maintained around the farm, which provide excellent nutrition for the deer herds as well as keep the population close to the hunters. This makes for great VA deer hunting. The crops that we commercially grow also attract the deer to the land and help maintain their nutritional balance. Mineral blocks are also strategically placed around the farm by out hunting guides for the essential minerals and vitamins needed by the deer and other wildlife.
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