Alligator Hunts

Townsend and Sons Everglade Outfitters

At Townsend & Sons Everglades Outfitters we are family owned and operated, which makes us understand the importance of being family oriented. You have found the perfect outfitter if you are looking to bring family and friends along, or are planning to come alone and just want to be comfortable and feel that you are staying at a home away from home. Business or pleasure, this is the ideal getaway for hunters looking to have a good time in a relaxed environment with very knowledgeable guides to provide an unprecedented hunting experience. Rest assured that your hunting guides share a love for hunting just like you, and enjoy watching their clients bask in the thrill of harvesting some of South Florida's most sought-after game species.

We also offer hunting combinations to meet all of your expectations. some additional hunts to add to your package include Osceola turkey hunt, Asian water buffalo hunt, wild boar hog hunt, or tilapia/frog gigging trip. Combo hunts never fail to create an all around remarkable Florida hunting adventure. From hunting trophy alligators in the cypress swamps to gigging frogs on our personal airboats, we can ensure that you will have an unforgettable trip. Our guides will provide you with any weapon of choice needed on your trip whether it be a rifle, fishing rod, bang stick, etc.

Book your guided hunt with us today and get a one of a kind hunting trip like no other. All of our private guides are native to Southwest Florida whose knowledge of hunting this land goes back for generations. Our guides also have a true passion for hunting, just like you, and take great pride in what they do. We invite you to let us exceed your expectations, to go above and beyond to provide an extraordinary hunting experience. Memories that you will want to share with your friends and family for generations!

About this trip

Alligator Hunts

Processing fee is $25 per foot for alligators

6-7 ft.


7-8 ft.


8-9 ft.


9-10 ft.


10-11 ft.


11-12 ft.


12-12’6” ft.


12’6” and above

Contact us about pricing.

Catch & Release Hunt

Just for FUN - NO KILL! Pricing is per person



Come on out for a few hours to get the thrill of an alligator hunting experience without having to pay for your kill or processing/taxidermy work! Unlimited size bracket - unlimited photos!

Hog Hunts

Flat rate day fee of $300 for free range hog hunt on 3,500 acres - with very high success rate.

Meat Hog


Spot & Stalk, or Stand & Feeder style hunt options

Trophy Hog


Two inch of teeth or more - 200 pounds or better!

Dog Hunts


Conducted from ranger, truck, or buggy

Thermal Hunts


Takes place at night using Thermal & Night Vision Optics

Asian Water Buffalo

Phenomenal heard of buffalo in which we have been working on their genetics for 20 years to bring you an awesome trophy cow or trophy bull with massive and near perfect horn shape which makes for a great trophy!

Trophy Bull


Male Buffalo - more mass, and more weight!

Trophy Cow


Female Buffalo - still have nice horns just with less mass, and lots of meat

Meat Hunt


Kill a smaller buffalo just to stock your freezer

Turkey Hunts

Flat rate - kill or no kill. Price includes 3 day 2 night lodging

Osceola Turkey


90% success rate

Private Airboat Tours

Frog/Fish Gigging


Per night, per boat - up to 3 people to a vessel



Priced for initial 2 hours - $100 per additional hour



Other Trips We Provide
100% paid in-person when the trip begins
Minimum People:
Target game:
American Alligator
Type of guiding available:
Weapon(s) used:
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