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Angler Management 101

Welcome to ANGLER Management:101 “Schools in Session”

Angler Management:101 is A full service charter boat company that is conveniently located in Hampton Beach NH owned and operated by Captain Roland Groux. We specialize in light tackle fishing for Striped Bass (Stripers), but we also offer a variety of other trips including:

– Cod – Haddock – Bluefish – Pollock – Flounder – Mackerel – Bluefin Tuna – Shark – Redfish – Cusk – And more…

(check out our rates page for more info on trips and pricing) if you don’t see what you are looking for we can work with you to design a trip catered to your specific needs. Give us a call! No matter what your experience level our knowledgeable Captain will work with you so you catch more fish!

Got kids? No problem, we are family friendly and love to introduce kids to the sport of fishing! We will teach them the basic skills needed to increase their success rate, it’s what we do! :101

Currently taking reservations for the 2019 fishing season!

Click here to book online or call (603) 605-1004 for immediate assistance.

About this trip

2019 Rates and Services

Inshore Fishing/Striped Bass (Up to 6 People)


• 4Hrs weekday $400 weekend $450

• 6Hrs weekday $600 weekend $650

• 8Hrs weekday $800 weekend $850

These trips leave from Hampton Harbor and usually fish one of three rivers, Hampton, Piscataquag or the Merrimack river. The Captain will use his best judgment to determine where the fish are and what the best way to target them will be most effective. It is not uncommon to fish two or more of these locations in one trip if that’s what’s necessary to maximize our efforts and catch more fish. Even though striped Bass are the primary target, you may catch a variety of other species such as Bluefish, Black Sea Bass, Flounder and more…

Offshore Fishing/Deep Sea Fishing (Up to 6 People)


• 8Hrs weekday $825 weekend $875

• 12Hrs weekday $1025 weekend $1075

This trip leaves in the morning from Hampton Harbor and heads to Jeffrey’s Ledge approx 20 to 30 miles off the coast of NH. On this trip we will target a variety of fish including but not limited to Cod, Haddock and Pollock all which make fantastic table fair. along with excellent fishing it is very common to see a variety of sealife such as whales, sharks, seals and dolphin or porpoise. This is the ultimate ocean adventure.

Bluefin Tuna Fishing (Up to 4 People)


• 12Hrs weekday $800 weekend $900

Late each summer these fish invade our local waters and provide an excellent opportunity to target this massive species. These giants are one of the most sought-after fish in the world and reach over 1000lbs and can reach a length of over 100in long. Strap in and hold on! This is an opportunity to catch a fish of a lifetime. Because of the large nature of these fish and sheer fighting ability we can only accommodate 4 ppl max. Bluefin Tuna are a highly migratory species and trips will be limited to a small window each season and could change at any time. Please contact the Captain for more info.

Flounder Fishing (Up to 6 People)


• 4Hrs weekday $350 weekend $400

• 6Hrs weekday $450 weekend $500

This trip designed to specifically target flounder, one of the tastiest whitefish in the ocean. Late each spring these fish enter our rivers and harbors to spawn and offer a fantastic fishery. Because we don’t have to go far to target these fish we are able to provide this trip at a discounted rate due to the lack of fuel consumption.

2018 Rates and Services

• 50% deposit due at time of booking

• All prices subject to change

• Captain reserves the right to cancel due to inclement weather or unforseen circumstances

• Although it is not required a gratuity of 15%-20% is customary for Cptn/crew

• Any remaining balance is due before departure

• Prices include boat, bait, rods, reels, and fishing license (just show up and fish)

• The best dates go first so book your trip early to guarantee availability

• In the event of cancellation (by the cptn) an alternate date will be offered, in the case that an alternate date cannot be agreed upon a full refund of deposit will be given.

Other Trips We Provide
100% paid in-person when the trip begins
Target species:
Bass (Striped)
Tuna (Bluefin)
Type of guiding available:
What's included?:
Fly Fishing Equipment
Rods, Reels & Tackle
Live Bait
Catch Cleaning & Filleting
Fishing License
Which fishing techniques do you use?:
Light Tackle
Heavy Tackle
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