Cotter-trout dock

A Cotter Trout Dock guided trout fishing float trip means you'll drift down the White River, North Fork River or the Buffalo River in north-central Arkansas at a comfortable pace to fish as you watch scenery and wildlife. On the White River and North Fork River, we fish mainly for Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout. On the Buffalo River, it is mainly Smallmouth Bass.

We think you will find a guided Arkansas trout fishing trip is one of the best bargains around.

Some people; new to trout fishing, believe that "trout fishing" means that you have to fish with fly fishing gear. Most of the "locals" here and most of our guests do not use fly fishing gear; they use spinning or spincasting rods/reels. No experience required!

Fly fishing is a wonderful sport and we take out many fly-fishers, but it is not the only way to fish for trout. Fly fishing is becoming more and more popular over the years; around here as elsewhere.

Your guide can do everything for you, including casting, or he can just get you there and let you catch the trout. Or anything in between these two extremes. Just depends on your experience, etc. Either way, stories and laughs will be provided.

And if you choose, you may also enjoy a great White River, Arkansas trout fishing tradition; the shore lunch .

In addition to our regular " day trips" we do "camp" trips. Our "camp" trips are more accurately "fish and then camp" trips. Our trout fishing and camping float trip is a truly therapeutic adventure. When the trout fishing day is over you'll camp on our private 15 acre wooded island. You'll enjoy a tasty steak dinner cooked over oak coals, then relax with your friends around the campfire until retiring to your tent to sleep on a comfortable cot. In the morning you'll watch our cooks prepare your breakfast over the campfire as you sip hot coffee.

Over the last 54 years we've heard thousands of happy customers claim that our White River Arkansas Ozarks float trips are unforgettable fun and relaxation.Those who have never fished in their lives come away amazed at the fun they had, and how much they relaxed in such a short time. And the seasoned fishers make the same claim.

About this trip

Prices below are per boat. For example;

full day with 2 people in one boat paying cash or check is $275 ($137.50 each).

Spin/Bait Fishing Trips

Payment Method =>

Cash or Check

Credit Card

White or Norfork River 1 person - full day



2 people - full day $275 $280

3 people - full day $335 $340

White or Norfork River 1 person - half day

$190 $190

2 people - half day $200 $205

3 people - half day $245 $250

Buffalo River 1 person - full day $320


2 people - full day



3 people - full day $395 $400

Fly Fishing Trips

Payment Method => Cash or Check Credit Card

White or Norfork River 1 person - full day $350 $350

2 people - full day $365


3 people - full day $455 $460

White or Norfork River 1 person - half day $285 $285

2 people - half day $295 $300

3 people - half day $395


Bufffalo River 1 person - full day $405 $410

2 people - full day



3 people - full day na



Full day trips include a lunch of our homemade sandwiches, chips, fruit and desert.

Half day trips include snacks.

A Shore Lunch is $22.50 per person, kids under 10 eat free. Your fishing guide does the cooking.

A shore lunch is prepared on the banks of the river over charcoal and can include your morning catch if you wish. Shore lunch is bacon/tomato sandwiches, french fries, hush puppies, black-eyed peas, and dessert. See meals page for more info.

Parties of five or more boats (10 people) require that we provide camp cooks to prepare lunch instead of having the guides cook. While this increases the price of a shore lunch to $28.75 per person, your lunch is ready in much less time and you're back on the river fishing rather than waiting for your guides to set up lunch, cook and clean-up.

What's Included

All single day float trips are completely outfitted with the following: Life jackets, Fishing Guides, Boats, Motors, Gas, Paddles, Anchors, Swivel Chairs, Nets, Ice Box, Ice, Soft Drinks, Drinking Water, Cushions, Box Lunch, Return Transportation, Fish Cleaned and Iced.

Prices include all applicable taxes, but do not include bait, license or trout permit.

Price does not include Arkansas fishing license and trout permit, which costs $28 for a three-day non-resident issue. Go to the Home Page for more information on fishing licenses.

Cancellation and Deposit Policy

Deposits: $100 per boat per day required, or provide credit card information. We will never actually put any charges on the credit card you provide without talking to you first.

Cancellations: Charging our customers for cancellations is possibly the worst part of our whole business. It does not happen often but we understand that no one is happy.

Once we have booked a guide for your trip they will be turning down work elsewhere and we have to pay the guide a cancellation fee of $100 for a full day and $80 for a half day booked if the trip is cancelled after 14 days prior to the trip. This is not the full pay that the guide would have been paid for the trip; it is a cancellation fee. If we did not pay cancellation fees to our guides we would soon have no guides.

We make every attempt to book the cancelled guide/guides on our other trips and make calls to book them with other guide services. If this is successful, you will will not be charged any cancellation fee.

Weather: The guides are ready to fish in any weather (other than lightning). Lightning usually requires waiting a short time until the danger is past. Please watch weather forecasts as best as possible prior to your trip. We realize this is not always successful, but we cannot waive cancellation fees for weather.

Why Bait Is Not Included.....................

We try to keep our rates as low as possible for everyone and still pay our guides well. Some people bring their own lures and use no bait at all. If we include some set price for bait in our rates, it would not be fair to everyone. Therefore, the way it has always been done at Cotter Trout Dock is.....

Other Trips We Provide
100% paid in-person when the trip begins
Target species:
Brown Trout
Type of guiding available:
What's included?:
Fly Fishing Equipment
Rods, Reels & Tackle
Live Bait
Catch Cleaning & Filleting
Fishing License
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