Spring Snow Goose Hunts

Black River Valley Outfitters

Welcome to Black River Valley Outfitters, the Atlantic Flyway's premiere full time waterfowl and turkey guide service! Fully guided hunts in both New York and Pennsylvania offer a wide variety of "flavors" for the discriminating wingshooter and our spring turkey hunts are of the highest quality in the Northeast. We access and utilize more private acreage across two states than any of our Atlantic Flyway competitors, allowing us to offer a level of diversity and success that cannot be matched. Our staff, consists of a group of professional individuals that dedicate their time and energy throughout the year to ensure your success while afield. Their dedication to the task at hand and their ability to produce under pressure is what makes them the "cream of the crop". Our goal is to provide a safe, fun, and exciting hunt that will create memories that last forever. Although this is our passion and what we truly enjoy, it is not our hobby! This is our career, and we work tirelessly each day of the year to provide the best experience possible! Remember you can see up to date photos, video and reports by following us on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube pages!

About this trip

Black River Valley Outfitters offers New York hunting at its finest, with a wide variety of options for sportsman! Here you will find an exceptional, professional, and experienced guide staff with resources that are unmatched by any outfitter in the flyway. The finest Canada goose hunting in the Atlantic Flyway can be found right here from September through January, and even during the month of March. The selection of ducks is diverse with dabblers, divers, and even sea ducks as target species. There are over twenty different species of ducks that are commonly targeted by BRVO hunters throughout the course of a season, with several other species mixed into the seasons bag. Snow goose hunts are conducted January through March, utilizing some of the largest decoy rigs in the Atlantic Flyway. Spring turkeys hunts from private properties with managed turkey flocks provide hunters with an abundance of quality, mature, trophy class toms. ​All New York hunts are per person per day and require a $100 per person per day deposit, with Northern Zone Goose hunts being the exception. Northern Zone Goose hunt deposits will be $75/$50/$25 per person based on amount of hunters in party.

For questions or to book visit the "contact / policies" page or contact Capt. Ben Roggie at 315-783-6679

September Goose Hunts

$300 Per Person

Parties of 4 or more:

​$250 Per Person

Northern Zone

​Duck & Goose Hunts


$200 Per Person


​$225 Per Person


​(Per Person)

2-3 People: $175

4-5: People: $150

6 Persons or more: $125

Western Zone

Duck & Goose Hunts

(Field and/or Water Hunts)

$600 / Boat Rate

​1-3 people


$650 / Boat Rate

1-3 people

Spring Snow Goose Hunts

$175 Per Person

*Group Discounts Avail.*

(Add $25 & Min. party of 4 required for weekend dates)

Spring Turkey Hunts

$300 Per Person Per Day

(3-day 1x1 Fully Guided, 2 Turkeys)

Other Trips We Provide
100% paid in-person when the trip begins
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Target game:
Snow Goose
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