1 Hour Helicopter Hog Hunt

S2 Helicopter Services

S2 Helicopter Services is your one stop shop for all your Helicopter needs. S2 Helicopter Services Serving in Abilene and Surrounding Areas.

S2 Helicopter Services is a fully insured, Veteran Owned business. The fun and enjoyment that comes with flying in a helicopter is amplified with the down to earth Texan hospitality. S2 Helicopter Services looks forward to fulfilling your Helicopter needs. S2 Helicopter Services operates in Abilene and Surrounding Counties.

S2 aids in controlling the population of feral hogs for the local farmers with Helicopter Hog hunts.

About this trip

Hunting: $900 Per flight hour 2 Passengers for every hour (weapons and ammo included)

***All Flights Require 2 Hour Minimum***

We encourage you to call and give us a chance to make your dream outing come true.

Hog Hunt

2 Shooters and includes guns and ammo for both shooters. For group bookings feel free to call or email.

Whether you own your own land or just always dreamed of shooting from a Helicopter, S2 Helicopter Services can Accommodate. Hog Hunting, Coyote Hunting and much more in Abilene or surrounding Areas. S2 operates Smith & Wesson AR-15 5.56 and Weatherby Tactical 12 gauge..

Other Trips We Provide
100% paid in-person when the trip begins
Target game:
Wild Boar
Type of guiding available:
Weapon(s) used:
What's Included:
Transport on territory
Hunting Methods:
Driven hunt
Wounding Policy:
Wounding the animal is considered harvesting.


Property description:
S2 Helicopter Services operates in Abilene and Surrounding Counties.
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